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We Are Boofa's at Green Harbor


Women Owned 

Mindful consumption: To be conscious and aware

about your choices as a consumer.


For our business, this can mean understanding

how & where your food is grown, how it gets to

our store, how we prepare your meal, and how

our environmental impact is directly effected. 



We offer:

-Plant based foods, proteins, and products!


-Fresh juices, smoothies, beach bites, and

sustainable market items!

-Mediterranean inspired dishes! 

-Local art and goods!


-Catering events, small and large!


-Custom crafted meal plans throughout your week!




Stop by or call to see what we're offering for fresh food!

Hours: Tuesday-Sunday, 6 days a week!!

Located at 62 Beach Street, Green Harbor, Ma, 02041

Contact us via email at
Call our phone line at 781-837-2663(BOOF)

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